Star Groups


A Star Group is an ensemble of stars : the variable star to be studied, comparison stars to determine the magnitude, and eventually other variable stars in its surroundings. You can see this as a template that will be laid over the photos that one will do photometry on.

In order to choose the Star Group to work on, use the button "Choose Star Group" from the dashboard :


You get a list of all Star Groups that were created. 

The "Filter Star Groups" field allows to show only the Star Groups that contain those characters in their name


 Here I have entered "Cas" as filter. It's case sensitive, this gives my list of Star Groups containing the letter "Cas" :


Tick on a radio button, and you'll be guided back to the DashBoard where you can continue with the next steps for your photometry.


Two more buttons are available on this screen :


Button : Select Star Group To Change It 

link : 


Button : Create Star Group

link :